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The pneumatic seeder VESTA 8 PROFI with anchor fertilizer coulters and skid-shaped seed coulters is designed for precise sowing of row crops and other crops, using traditional soil cultivation technology. Provides sowing of seeds with simultaneous, separate application of granular mineral fertilizers and packing of the soil in the sown rows.

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    The amount of seeds that gets from the hopper into the seeding chamber is regulated by a shutter.
    A comb-type surplus seed spreader ensures accurate single-seed seeding.
    The presence of a viewing window allows for a visual control over the quality of the seeding device during the adjustment process.
    An unloading hatch is provided for quick removal of seeds from the chamber of the sowing device.


    The sowing section is equipped with an opener for sowing seeds, corn and sunflower. The sowing unit is already equipped with a 2-contour drive. Reliable protection of the drive ensures work in fields clogged with plant residues.

    The fertilizer sowing system through fertilizer coulters provides the ability to apply mineral fertilizers to the side of the row with the required displacement value, which eliminates the harmful effect of fertilizers on the seeds.


    VESTA seeders can be equipped with replaceable openers for sowing corn and sunflower seeds or openers for sowing beet seeds.

    Seed machines gear change mechanism

    All VESTA 8 seed drills are equipped with a new transmission mechanism for seed metering units. Applied collapsible blocks of steel gears scheme 3x5 (previously set welding blocks). This improved the maintainability of the assembly.

    Gear shifting mechanism of fertilizer devices

    The gear change mechanism for fertilizer sowing devices has 12 gear ratios.


    Information device "FACT" monitors the passage of seeds in each opener, the speed of movement and transmits information to the monitor installed in the tractor cab. That allows you to keep an accurate record of the sown area.


    Production line was equipped with a powder coating line -Ideal-line (Denmark). This painting technology makes it possible to produce high-quality paintwork with a guaranteed service life up to 8 years.


    The usege of hardware with a strength class, at least 8.8, ensures reliability and durability of exploitation.

  • Aggregate type mounted
    Operating width, m 5.6
    Driving speed, km/hr 2.5 - 9
    Number of rows, pcs. 8
    Performance, ha/hr 3.02 - 5.04
    Seeding depth of disc openers, mm 20 - 90
    Seeding rate for grains, kg/ha 1.77 - 54.6
    Row spacing, mm 700
    Seeding rate for fertilizers, kg/ha 24 - 248
    Box capacity(total) for grains, l (dm³) 216 (27 х 8)
    Box capacity(total) for fertilizers, l (dm³) 192 (48 х 4)
    Overall dimensions for transport, mm 6 800 х 2 300 х 3 460
    Overall dimensions in position, mm 1 700 х 6 250 х 1 430
    Aggregated with tractors, max, hp 80
    Constructional weight, kg 1 278

* All data and figures are approximate and not binding. We reserve the right to make technical changes.